About Me

Lessons From My Ex is a journal that I started to maintain a “growth mindset” during and after my divorce.  I just could not wrap my mind around the notion that years of my life had been wasted.  So, instead of becoming bitter and angry (feelings that were most definitely bubbling just under the surface), I decided to journal.  But this journal of mine couldn’t be typical ranting and raving.  My writing had to have purpose and meaning. As an educator, I needed to find the lessons in the divorce.  Surely I learned something. The pain, confusion, disbelieve must have a meaning.

Now, years later, I’ve decided to share some of what I learned. Hence, the title, Lessons From My Ex.  I’ve discovered there are several Exes in my life; ex husband, ex friends, ex bosses, and yes, even a couple of ex family members. At the end of each relationship I searched for the lesson-What did I learn? What will I do differently? What role did I play, I mean, really play?

I’m the mother of two college young men, a classroom educator (because I do much more than “teach”) and a woman on a mission to never look back with regrets.  Past mistakes are over and done.  Learn from them and move forward.  Never stop moving forward.

This blog is me, me moving forward.



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